[Setup] Product=The Hiccups Version=100 Archive=Hiccups.umod SrcPath=. MasterPath=.. Requires=Unreal Tournament Demo338Requirement Group=SetupGroup Group=HiccupsGroup Group=umodIncludeFilesGroup [Unreal Tournament Demo338Requirement] Product=Unreal Tournament Demo Version=338 [SetupGroup] Copy=(Src=System\Manifest.ini,Master=System\Manifest.ini,Size=486,Flags=3) Copy=(Src=System\Manifest.int,Master=System\Manifest.int,Size=523,Flags=3) [HiccupsGroup] File=(Src=System\Hiccups.int,Size=148) File=(Src=System\Hiccups.u,Size=2450) [umodIncludeFilesGroup] File=(Src=Help\Hiccups.txt,Size=676) [Setup] LocalProduct=The Hiccups ReadMe=Help\Hiccups.txt SetupWindowTitle=Hiccups Mutator AutoplayWindowTitle=The Hiccups Options ProductURL=http://www.planetunreal.com/mutation VersionURL=http://www.planetunreal.com/mutation Developer=JbP DeveloperURL=http://www.planetunreal.com/mutation [Unreal Tournament Demo338Requirement] LocalProduct=Unreal Tournament Demo ProductURL=http://www.unrealtournament.com VersionURL=http://unreal.epicgames.com Developer=Epic Games DeveloperURL=http://www.epicgames.com [Public] Object=(Name=Hiccups.Hiccups,Class=Class,MetaClass=Engine.Mutator,Description="The Hiccups, Makes everyone jump at a random interval") *D!@  u QhycDEST !NoneMakePlayerJumpHiccupsModifyPlayerEngineCoreBigJump PlayerPawnTimerDoJumpSystemBotClass TextBufferStructPropertyPackagePawnObject ScriptText FunctionObjectProperty Location bIsPlayerOtherP NextMutatorMutatorBotpackBoolPropertybGameStartedActor PathNode jumpNode=-a?(-';w*   ,,a/!.  a/! /a6 HC . 0 10 [//============================================================================= // Hiccups. // Author: JbP // Date: 3/10/99 // Version: 1.0 // // Desc: A mutator which gives everyone the 'hiccups'; everyone jumps when the // timer returns (on average every 2 seconds). //============================================================================= class Hiccups expands Mutator; var bool bGameStarted; // The timer starts when the first person enters function ModifyPlayer(Pawn Other) { if (!bGameStarted) { SetTimer(1.5, False); bGameStarted = TRUE; } if ( NextMutator != None ) NextMutator.ModifyPlayer(Other); } function Timer() { local Pawn P; foreach AllActors(class'Pawn', P) if (P.bIsPlayer) MakePlayerJump(P); // Timer returns at random intervals. SetTimer(FRand() * 4, False); } function MakePlayerJump(Pawn Other) { local pathnode jumpNode; if (Other.IsA('PlayerPawn')) { PlayerPawn(Other).DoJump(Frand()); return; } if (Other.IsA('Bot')) foreach RadiusActors(class'PathNode', jumpNode, 200, Other.Location) { Bot(Other).BigJump(jumpNode); return; } }  82nйd]Pd+dddй  </a0 .--10a?,(             E R  _ kx DE oI 4fx T^ Cr ** The Hiccups Mutator ** Author: JbP ** Date: 03/10/99 ** Version: 1.0 ** Auth email: jbp@planetunreal.com ** Web link: http://www.planetunreal.com/mutation Description: This is an incredibly annoying mutator. It causes everyone to jump at a random interval, averaging out to be about every 2 seconds. Installation: Double-click the UMOD file, and point it towards your UT directory. Credits: Chemical for passing on the idea to me, from a reported discussion in #unrealed. Legal: This mutator may be distributed, except where the such activity would result in financial gain for the owner, distributor or related third party. (c) copyright 1999 JbP.System\Manifest.inipSystem\Manifest.intp System\Hiccups.int{System\Hiccups.u Help\Hiccups.txtEC